Privacy: Someone Tell Me I am Safe!

Privacy is something we should always think about at all times. Especially in digital culture, privacy is very important. Now a days, there are some cases where, people are getting fired because of something they’ve posted on their social media page. In this mass media culture, there is no privacy unless you look after yourself and care enough to go to your settings to make your account private.

Since it is very easy to see how the person is in their real life instead of their “interview face” by simply going to their social media pages, employers are now quick to judge people before hiring them. There are many of my friends and family members who deleted their social media accounts to get a job too and yes, it is that serious.

office-buildings-387709_1280Would a company hire someone who looks like he or she is ready to do the job and striving for their future or someone who drinks all day and flips off the camera when they are taking a picture? In the article, “Our instincts for privacy evolved in tribal societies where walls didn’t exist. No wonder we are hopeless oversharers” by Ian Leslie, said

“Lindsey Stone went on a work trip to Washington DC, and paid a visit to Arlington National Cemetery, where American war heroes are buried. Crouching next to a sign that said ‘Silence and Respect’, she raised a middle finger and pretended to shout while a colleague took her photo.”

This is not that important though. The important part is, she shared this on social media! Within weeks, this photo spread throughout the whole country and there was an outrage, telling Lindsay’s employer to fire her.

So did she get fired? Of course, she did! The company Lindsay was working for decided to let her go since it was not worth dealing with angry citizens calling every day.

Sharing something can be fun and informational but in Lindsay’s case, it was a little out of hand. For a silly little picture she shared, she got her job taken away and she will probably have a hard time finding another job.

By sharing something on her social media, her life changed drastically.

In another article I’ve read, “We Are All Pole Dancing On The Internet” by Sasha Weiss, said

“Only nine per cent of the teen-agers surveyed expressed a “very” high level of concern that the information they share on social-networking sites could be accessed by third parties (thirty-one per cent said they were “somewhat” concerned), whereas forty-six per cent of parents expressed strong concern.”

This is awful! We need to consider our future and also consider what others are seeing about us. Privacy is definitely something we need to look into more and save ourselves from these exposure before it is too late.

So Ask yourself. Do you have enough privacy?


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