Essasy 2 Photos

Study Study Study


Different focus (more on the pencil rather than the keyboard)

with blurriness and sharpness


Then I turned it into something more simple than the bigger picture


Categories: pencil, keyboard, eraser

Another picture I took when I was studying

Here’s the first picture I took


Pretty boring, lots of stuff going on at first

Added blurriness, color contrast, sharpness

new 1

Added blurriness, color contrast, sharpness so I could eliminated all the unnessasary

and focus on the pencil and the notes instead of the text book.

new 2

Used “poster” in stylize category after the second edit. Something interesting came out.

Category: pencil, textbook, studying, notes

Here’s another picture I took

I know.. I take pretty cool pictures huh


This normal picture a little bottle of cologne on my desk turned into something that’d be from the 50s or the 60s.

new 1-2

Used color contrast with brightness and “too old” effect

Category: cologne, vintage

I didn’t take this one

Just found a picture of this beautiful woman on pixabay so I decided to use it.



studio-660804_1280 lol

I know you like it too. You’d be lying if you said you don’t

Category: sexy, woman, eyes, seductive, face

One last one.

Pretty cool looking gecko huh


Another simplicity


Category: wild life, eyes, gecko, face


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