Technology: Is it making us dumb?

Smart phones are very useful and easy to use. They are also everywhere so it is harder for us to stay away from them. Now a days most of us, including me, have smartphones like iPhones from Apple and many other kinds of them from different companies. Along with these useful technology we are exposed to, consumers also have some concerns of how these handheld devices are effecting us.

In the two articles I’ve read, Smartphones Don’t Make Us Dumb by Daniel T. Willingham and Three Tweets for the Web by Tyler Cowen, they address the problems and society’s concerns with the technology we have. As much as we love to use these devices, people are also having concerns about our youth’s behavior towards these new aspect of our lives and drastic changes we are seeing already.

heart-songs-622739_1280So let’s see. Do you think these devices like my lovely iPhone is actually making the world a worse place? Or do you think it’s helping us? There are many different opinions out there about these smart handheld devices.

So how is this new technology changing us?

In the article, Three Tweets for the Web by Cowen, says

“The Internet and other technologies mean that our favorite creators, or at least their creations, are literally part of our daily lives. It is no longer a long-distance relationship. It is no longer hard to get books and other written material. Pictures, music, and video appear on command. Culture is there all the time, and you can receive more of it, pretty much whenever you want. “


This is true. Digital culture allow us to stay connected and updated with anything you chose to do so. We can simply search someones name, let’s say Eminem, on Google and figure out what he has been up to these past couple months. Not only his current activities, you also have access to his personal information like his favorite food, net worth and even information about his family. This works with everything; books, companies like apple and Samsung, stock market and many other aspects in this society. THE INTERNET HAS WHATEVER YOU WANT.


Is technology making us dumb by giving us an easy access to the information we want though?

In the article, Smartphones Don’t Make Us Dumb by Willingham, says

“Digital devices are not eating away at our brains. They are, however, luring us toward near constant outwardly directed thought, a situation that’s probably unique in human experience. A flat cap on time with devices — the restriction we first think of for ourselves and our kids — might help.”


idea-152213_1280This means, instead of trying to figure out the questions among ourselves, smartphones are directly giving us the answers we want. Our sense of creativity might rust a bit but it is not directly effecting our brain and making us dumb.

Technology we have allow us to do things faster and easier but we should try to limit the use of it and practice to think out of the box and challenge ourselves. This will lead us to a greater invention.


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