Do you know anything about the Internet’s history?

Since the mid 1990s the internet has impacted us in many ways and changed our everyday lives. For my curating knowledge assignment, I made a timeline of important websites that have changed the internet and our everyday lives.

Search engines(Yahoo and Google), online market(eBay and Amazon), social media(Twitter, Facebook and Myspace) and statistics of the internet usage since the mid 90s took apart of my assignment. Basically, by inserting tweets that include the date for each website’s birthday and gifs of statistics on the internet usage, made it easier to create a timeline. Every website is in a order(oldest first, newest last) to see how the internet was evolved.

Below the tweets, I explained why the website I chose to write about is significant to us and how it changed the internet and our lives.

Many search engines like Yahoo and Google have been helping people every second since they were born. It is fairly easier to just search something on Yahoo or Google instead of reading a whole book to prove a point or get the information you want. Of course, some of the times, Yahoo and Google might have the wrong answer for your question but if you weigh out the inconvenience between searching through a whole book or clicking another link to find another website that might give you the answer, I would choose Yahoo and Google overtime.

Online stores like eBay and Amazon changed our market dramatically by allowing the consumers to have the luxury of shopping at home without even stepping out of their houses. By having statistics of online sales, it was easy to see how much we involve ourselves into the online market.

After eBay and Amazon, I also added social media into the timeline. Social medias like Twitter, Facebook and Myspace changed our culture dramatically. About 72 percent of all internet users are active in social media now and this shouldn’t surprise anyone. Social media changed the way how we speak and act around certain people and allowed us to stay connected at all times. It is easier to spread words among the people who are connected with you. By posting a status or tweeting something, people stay updated on what you are up to as long as they are following you.

Birth of a video sharing website, Youtube, was very significant to the internet too. It allowed people to share their videos to people from all over the world. Now youtube has over 1 billion active users and 300 hours worth of videos getting uploaded every minute.

Below the youtube section I also added some gifs that show the dramatic change of the internet usage since the mid 90s until 2012 to explain how much we involve ourself into the internet now.

By creating a timeline, it was easy to see how the internet has evolved in order. Towards the end of the project, it made me think about the future of the internet and how we’re going to adopt to it.

I am looking forward to it.


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